Mohammad.Yakubee & Mahaboob Ali Shri MD.Mahaboob Ali (Chotu) & Yakubee are the Founders of Sahrudaya Old age Homes.Chotu was born to Yakub Ali & Ameena bee in the year 1971 in (vill) Ellanda,(M) Wardhanapet ,(Dist)Warangal .Yakubee was born to Vali Miya & Chettha bee in the year 1975 In (vill) Seetarampuram ,(M)Devarpula,(Dist) Jangoan .

Chotu completed his schooling in the Government high school in his own village.During his very early age he was very passionate in participating socialistic activities through volunteering various organizations.He is also a good volley ball player.During his one of the volley ball tournaments he went to Amritsar,there he visited a polpular old age home which was run by an NGO ,it was started by a Rickshaw puller.From that Chotu got inspired and took decision to start an Ngo and performed several motivational activites by teaching childrens in the local villages.Later Chotu was married to Yakubee.She was a homemaker and tailor. After a few years, Chotu learned of another incident in which an 88-year-old woman committed suicide by jumping from a bus station after her son abandoned her on the road and refused to feed her.This incident made Chotu & yakubee very sad and both decided that no senior citizens should feel hungry and should not sleep on roads then Started Sahrudaya Old age home in the locality of Prashanth nagar,Kazipet Warangal which has a capacity of 150 members with 3 blocks where all the senior citizens including bed riddens patients are treating with hygienic environment,food & accomadation.